Tories Want to have unencrypted traffic to the Web

The Tories will use the latest terrorist bomb attack in Manchester to force through legislation that will make Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and the like to leave their traffic unencrypted, or at the very least, to give UK security services access to our data.

I can immediately think of a couple of reasons why that shouldn’t happen.

  1. World War 1 & 2 were fought to prevent dystopian future where no one is safe or secure.
  2. North Korea and China jail dissidents all the time, just for speaking out against the government.
  3. It’s crazy to think it’s going to make even a tiny difference. They’ll just move to other sites that the SS can’t access.
  4. I could setup a chat room in HTML, PHP, JS, or Python on this site and secure it with SSL, it can be done on almost ANY webserver on the planet.

So while the plan might initially make sense, long term it’s useless.


Just another typical knee-jerk reaction.

This is what the Security Services missed:

* Suddenly wearing different clothing, associated with this form of terrorism.

* Chanting prayers loudly in the streets

* Changed social behavior massively

* Trips back and forth to Libya

* and the obscure clue…. he had an ISIS flag on his fucking roof!

If they can’t see that, I fail to see how cracking WhatsApp is going to help them.