Gigabyte Joins the SBC Bandwagon

In a move that’s a little surprising even the mighty Gigabyte is joinging the market for a Single Board Computer, they are launching the GA-SBCAP3350 and it looks pretty damned good to be honest.

Featuring a dual core Intel N3350 running up to 2.5ghz, 8GB of RAM (sodimm DDR3 you need to purchase at the same time) 2xSATA ports and even an M.2 3320 (mSATA) for transfer rates of up to 500MB+

You can sort of buy this board now if you buy a Gigabyte Brix PC for around £120 and it comes complete with a case, or you can wait for Gigabyte to release the board on it’s own, but that date is yet to be announced, as is the price.

But what do you get? Well it’s feature rich to be honest, with 2x USB 3 ports and 4x USB 2.0 ports offring plenty of expandable storage options, 2x serial ports, an LPT/GPIO for any electronics you might want to add, and incredibly, an LCD header and power ports. Networking is taken care of with not one but two gigbit ethernet ports!

Here’s the manual from Gigabyte showing you all the lovely details.


It’ll run Linux of course and Windows 10, personally I look forward to installing NextCloud server on it and seeing how it runs with 8GB of RAM and a SSD for the OS and data.