Minidisc, a throwback to the future

I think the world is again ready for the Minidisc, and here’s why I think that.

Ok, so I’m an enthusiast, but you should be too, after all, you (Sony) invented the format.

Few people now have a personal music player aside from their cell phones. While some cell phones are excellent (few and far between), most are pants when it comes to music reproduction, virtually all have poor battery lives compared to a 15 year old Minidisc player’s 45 hours continuous use! Try that on an iPhone

I’ve an old (obviously) NetMD NH-1600, and with a HI-MD  1GB disk and the lowest compression possible, it sounds nothing short of staggering, even today. Plus there’s up to what, 43 albums on one disc(k). Personally I prefer quality over quantity, and so do many other people. So I’m sure today Sony could manage 5GB, 10GB or even up to…. dare I say, 20GB on one disc. With modern technology, I’m sure it’s more than possible, and the battery life could probably be stretched further too.

I also think that reading and writing could be faster with improved latency for the ATRAC chip, improved TOC reading and writing. These were the Achilles heel back then.

Then of course there’s the improvements in fidelity today. Lower compression but with less space, higher capacity disks, much better head-gear, longer lasting batteries, better reliability, and now of course, transferring via PC at high speed, and with song titles and all that lovely data that was frustrating to get on the track.

There is a very very vibrant market for the old Minidisc on ebay, gumtree and craigs list worldwide. That being the case, I do think there is a market to be tapped into. People young and old need a PMP that isn’t a phone and doesn’t suck.

Please please take a look at what is going on in the used market, see for yourself the prices of discs and players, they’re astronomical and they’re only going one way… UP!

Thank you for reading this letter.