The Drone Community Rallies… To Get a Pilot Jailed

That’s right, there’s a huge community of good, honest and decent  drone pilots out there, and when they saw this video, they rallied around in utter condemnation and then reported him en masse to the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority.




The responses vary from “total fucking idiot” to the extreme, “you should be murdered with a baseball bat”, I certainly don’t condone killing the pilot, but this type of flying is illegal for a damn good reason, it’s dangerous at best and fatally dangerous at worst.

While there are many theories on what could happen if a drone collided with an aircraft, most err on the side of caution, rational and intelligent people don’t want to know the practical side in the real world. The damage caused is likely to be varied depending on where the drone hits the aircraft. A windscreen strike for example would probably only yield minor damage, probably no more than a scratch up to a small stone chip. The fuselage would probably take a little more damage, especially if the speeds are high. However, if a drone collided with an engine the results could be explosive.

Aircraft can and often do colide with birds, Canadian geese for example weigh around 20lbs (10.5kg) and can damage an engine, but not that you’d notice, a pilot would report a collision and the engine would be checked later for damage, in the meantime it’d probably still fly OK. A drone is lighter than a Canadian goose, but a drone carries a powerful battery that could create a small fire or explosion while it’s being decimated by a jet engine, and while geese are boney, these bones are light and flexible, a drone has hardened metal parts that are a lot stronger than bones.

So basically I don’t know what would happen to an aeroplane engine if a drone got sucked into one, nobody does, and lets keep it that way.

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