My Cycling Accessories

I have a multitude of extras on my bike, lights, camera’s, gel seats and more, so here is a complete list of all my accessories that I couldn’t live without.

  1. Gel seat cover – Ebay
  2. suspension seat post (must be 31.6mm)- Amazon
  3. Lezyne Superdrive front light – Halfords my review here.
  4. Cateye Rapid rear light – Halfords
  5. Water bottle – Halfords The cage I got from Asda but it’s not listed on, it’s a velkro tied cage and it fits on the top strut on the frame, no bottle cases boss’s needed.
  6. Ion Air pro – Wireless Camera originally bought from currys, found on Amazon
  7. Rear Camera – Gopro Hero 1 From Halfords, now found on amazon
  8. Front and Rear Mudguards – Bought from asda and not available on