The Post Office IT scandal that cost millions and actually wasn't missing.

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Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:02 pm

Released On: 11 Feb 2020
Available for over a year

In December last year, the Post Office agreed to pay nearly £60 million in compensation to more than 550 of its workers and former workers, after losing a High Court battle. It was a key victory for Subpostmasters after a 20 year fight for justice. Many hold the Post Office responsible for destroying their lives by falsely accusing them of theft and fraud. Some ended up in prison, others completely bankrupt - and many have been left with their health and reputations in ruins.

File on 4 investigates how the Horizon computer system, brought in to Post Office branches in 2000, could have led to accounting shortfalls at branches - and asks why for years the Post Office denied this was possible, instead pursuing its own Subpostmasters for the money, which may have never been missing in the first place.

Reporter: Hayley Hassall
Producers: Mick Tucker and Nick Wallis
Editor: Carl Johnston


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