Spam Email

I like a good laugh as much as the next person, but this is a shockingly bad attempt at getting to me give you my login details.

The language is bad, really bad. Either it was written by a 9 year old, or someone who used Google Translate and thought… that’ll do.

There is an attempt of login to your account today

So it’s happening right now… right now, right now, right now… present and past tense at the same time. 😀

We need to verify that you who try this attempt to secure your account.

That really is funny, it makes absolutely no sense 😛

Please you should know that you have 24 hours to protect your account..

Please, you should know that I have a spam detector and it found your email wanting. 🙂

I’m also pretty sure amazon wouldn’t use a domain with a Japanese Country code TLD, I’m also pretty damned sure they would also use a secure site… HTTPS not HTTP, you know, for security reasons.

A quick whois domain search takes me here: sadly I don’t read or speak Japanese, so I can’t inform them they’ve been hacked.


Login Attempt 09/01/2019!

Someone try to login to your account..

There is an attempt of login to your account today

Time of attempt: 09.01.2019 12:40 Europe/Vienna
We need to verify that you who try this attempt to secure your account.
Click here to reset your password:


Not able to click the button ,please click this link to be secured:

Please you should know that you have 24 hours to protect your account..

Stranger Things Theme Remixes

I’ve had these on my desktop PC for a while so I thought I’d share them.





  • Tyler Whitfield Mashup


  • Machete Cut


  • C418 Season 2


  • Stranger Things Remix


  • The Kids Remix


  • Fall of ’84


  • Main Theme – Extended



Why buy an electric bike?

I’m not talking about electric motorbikes, they are a completely different category of vehicle, though to be honest I’d love one 🙂 I have a full bike licence but not the cash.

So why buy an electric pedal assist push iron? Simple, they really really do help you get up them thar hills.

Electric bikes differ visually from a regular bike very little, with newer e-bikes you could be hard pressed to tell the difference, with batteries built in to the frame or designed to looke like the frame, that tell tale bulge is now difficult to even see. Even the motor is less obvious, mid-drives even more so. I had a chat about electric bikes with a guy called Steve last Thursday in Oxenhope, it took me a few minutes to even notice he had an e-bike! So e-bikes can look identical to a regular bike, but it’s not the looks that sets them apart, it’s the feel and effort that you’ll notice immediately, but only when you throw your leg over and start peddeling.

My previous bike was a Specialized Myca, a hard tail mountain bike, and it was awesome, but being a 35 year smoker even this bike was hard work to keep going around here. (Halifax and man do we have some serious hills).

My Carrera Crossfire-E is worlds apart, a different breed all together. The hills that I had to stop on and get catch my breath are no longer a problem. Even around Halifax I can ride just about any hill without stopping once. My last ride was 25 miles, I did record it, but it was such a stop start affair (28c heat and a lack of breakfast) that I just deleted the files. This ride took in some of the biggest and steepest hills around here, and even though I did stop for food and drinks and a chat with a couple of other cyclists, I didn’t stop once to rest.

I’ve had my e-bike for a couple of years now, and I’ve used it in all weathers, for doing chores , commuting and just for the sheer enjoyment of being out, and I love it, it really gives me the freedom that a regular bike doesn’t. I could also argue that it gives me more of a workout too. Instead of doing a stop start 10 mile ride, I now do a 25+ mile ride continuous ride.

The reasons for owning an e-bike will most likely differ from person to person, the overall reason will probably be the same, freedom. Instead of being limited to short distances you’ll find yourself going further and further, to different places and enjoy riding even more than ever. I maybe lucky living in such a beautiful area, and never being more than just 10 minutes away from vast open countryside, but no matter where you live, owning an e-bike will always be a better an easier way to move around. Granted if you live in a flat town or city then the reasons maybe difficult to justify, but even this can be a positive for owning an e-bike, because you’ll just be able to go further afield, instead of just commuting you might go shopping or to friends, or just finding different routes to get to work or return home, or just go out for the sheer hell of it, because you’ll enjoy cycling even more.

If you have an injury and find cycling a little too much effort, then e-bikes again are a massive help. A couple of years ago I tore the cartilage in both my knees, and my right knee had to be operated on, one week later I was on my bike again, even the surgeon and physiotherapist were surprised at how quickly my knee healed, and the only physio appointment I had lasted 10 minutes and I was discharged. This was due to the low impact activity.

For me cycling has made a huge positive impact on my life, and its all down to the e-bike, without that extra help from our friend the electron, then I would have probably given up or would have had to push myself much much harder just to get out.

I cannot get over the point strongly enough, e-bikes ARE amazing and good one even better. Give one a try and I guarentee you’ll be a convert too.





EU Rules Change – We will need a motor insurance policy

The EC courts have ruled that all pedal assist bicycles will need a mandatory motor insurance policy, however it’s not yet law so don’t panic just yet.

Also if it does become law and a state can adopt this as law if they want to, does this mean you’ll need an applicable licence and registration?

I thought the whole idea of restricting the speed was to keep pedelecs within the realm of bicycles, so should the speed limits be removed too?