A ride around Wainstalls

I went out for a ride yesterday, it was such a gorgeous spring morning I just had to. In all I rode 25 miles, a trip to the farm shop in the morning, and this spectacular ride to the local wind farm and a night time blast around the local reservoir.

sadly the wind farm is still closed to the public, they’ve just upgraded the turbine and I think they’re still being tested, they’ll open it up soon enough 😜👍

This ride through Wainstalls was gorgeous though and if the weather holds I’ll be back again then over to Jerusalem farm, drop down into Todmorden, then back home.

I had no choice but to take a photo or two 😎

Enjoy the ride, I know I did.

Ebike Riding With Picture in Picture

I have a few videos where I’m off on a ride and because I’ve upgraded to front and rear cameras you can see everything that’s going on. It’s amazing to see quite a few people in cars hanging back and waiting for space to overtake, instead of just passing for the sake of it, they think about the consequences of doing it wrong.

So as you can see not everyone who drives a car is an ass.

A few near misses

Yes drivers are mostly good and will try and avoid you, but some don’t give a shit for any one but themselves… as you’ll see.

This first video shows a deliberate attempt to ram me into a parked car, video evidence was sent to the police, 3 points and a large fine later, and hopefully this guy is no longer a menace.

This second video shows a few close calls, nothing too major, just some finger wagging and choice words.

Be aware and always use a camera for evidence.

My first ever Ebike video

I made this video the first week I had the bike, nearly 12 months ago, again it’s been downloaded and re-uploaded to my new channel, so the compression is double that of the original.

This is just a quick ride to my local farmshop and back home, 30 minutes in total and look at that glorious sunshine. Perfect cycling weather… oh halcyon days.

The original can be found here: 3D Gamer

15 Mile ride to Oxenhope and back home

This is an early video from my collection, and also it was just a few weeks after buying the Carrera Crossfire-E so I was still unfit and struggling with the hills.

You’ll see some gorgeous Yorkshire countryside and me having a hard time of it. There are a few serious hills to climb and one downhill that requires a LOT of breaking, there is one that is so steep and long it requires me to alternate front and rear breaking otherwise I get break fade and could crash if not done properly.

Please note, this video has been downloaded from 3D Gamer so the quality isn’t as good as it could be, it was downloaded and uploaded again, this doubles the compression.

I will no longer be using this channel to upload bike rides, I’ll now be using my new bike riding channel (The Bionic Cyclist).