I’ve sold my bike :(

On Monday I sold my Crossfire-E. It’s been a fantastic 2 and a half years. But the time came to part ways.

The guy who bought it is called Daren and he lives in Birmingham, so for him it was a 5 hour round trip.

I sold it for £500 with ALL my gear, all the extras, and even the spare battery. A bargain at that price. Nearly £2000 worth of kit. I could have sold it for £700 and even that’s a bargain, but it would have meant waiting for the right buyer for a week or so, and in that time I no doubt would have changed my mind and taken the advert down.


The reason I sold it is simple, I didn’t have time anymore to ride it. So it sat there unused. Taking up space, and it takes up a lot of space. It was a 21 inch frame and 700c wheels. It is a HUGE bike. I am also a fair weather biker, and the weather was lousy.

So sadly we part ways.

I just hope the new owner can love it as much as I do.


E-Bike Battery Cell Replacement


It’s better than buying a complete new pack. Why? Because there’s a guy out there who will replace the individual cells. I’ve been quoted a price of £140 or a possible upgrade of £170 depending on how many cells and their configuration (series and parallel).

So i think what you have there is 10s4p battery pack or 10s5p
I will be able to make it like new 10s4p (13.6AH ) for 140GBP


or if it is 10s5p battery pack I can fit in 17AH ( 170 GBP )
( i will use Panasonic NCR_B ) cells
and each of my batteries will have a 2 year guarantee 🙂

And there’s also a bluetooth upgrade for £25, this will connect to your phone and it will give you precise data about the individual cells and the battery pack.

I can’t speak for other battery packs, but I know the packs from Halfords for their bikes start at £400 for a brand new pack.

So now my old pack, 3 years old, is getting a little past it, I’m really tempted to go for it, I’m just a little skint right now and I can’t afford it, at least not this month.

Just let Mat know The Bionic Cyclist sent you 🙂

Mat has also made me aware of the the other things he does:

Hi i can recell/Repair all type of batteries but i’m not doing flat type of batteries ( rear battery packs)( flat one ) or small bottle batteries ( which have 3x levels of cells )
also i have ready to use battery packs in blue thermo wrap ( with LCD /or Smart BMS ) 36V
+ I can make custom size ( Triangle/Rectangle battery pack ) 36V-72V (up to 3000W/5000W and more )
+ 36V custom battery for full suspension frame bikes
+ Just welded packs DIY (without BMS )
+ 24V – 48V Battery packs for Powerwalls / Campers / Chargers 1.5Kwh/2Kwh/3Kwh
+ 18650 cells for Sal

So that’s quite a range of different things in all.

New to the site – A Forum!

I’ve thought about this for a while, on and off, and today I decided to jump in and do it.

It’s a lot of work, luckily I’m a bit of a Pro when it comes to PHPbb3, I’ve used it for years as the founder Admin on sites around the web, and helped others setup PHPbb too. So this part is easy, though it’s time consuming.

I’d really love for everyone to join in and help me make a community, based on and around cycling, Ebikes, and well, anything you like (within reason). I’ve added a few off-topics, like Movies and TV shows, but of there’s something you’d like to see, then just register and post a suggestion.


Carrera Crossfuse Ebike review

New to this website, a forum!

This is not my review, but it comes from someone I respect, if only because of the miles he rides… in 18 months he managed 4,500 miles on the Crossfire-E. Now he has a Crossfuse and by the sound of it, he loves it more than the Crossfire. With no cut-outs that plague the Crossfire-E, though these can be reduced dramatically on the Crossfire-E, it’s not an issue at all on the Crossfuse, and with now several thousand miles on the Crossfuse, Drewpyfz6 definitely enjoys electric cycling.

One day… one day I’ll get to ride this bike and I’ll be able to give it my review.

This next video shows how you can overide the speed limit of 15mph and increase it to 20mph (this is naughty but it’s only 5mph so no big deal). This is the same person, Drewpyfz6 and one of his commute videos.

Climate Change Allan Savory

Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And terrifyingly, it’s happening to about two-thirds of the world’s grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes — and his work so far shows — that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert.


I’ve watched this video several times because it’s fascinating. Can we really put a stop to climate change simply by bringing cattle back to deserts? On the one had it makes perfect sense, cattle produce copious amounts of manure and nitrates. Plants love these, in fact, plants cannot survive without them, so plants will thrive. But you still need water. Fertiliser isn’t enough on it’s own, so you’d need to plan the grazing a few months before the wet season to maximise growth.

What to do with these?

I have x35 (7×5) 18650 lithium ion batteries I’ve ripped from dead laptop battery packs. These batteries were all recharged to a minimum of 1800mAh. So not the best and their longevity is dramatically reduced due to already being hammered.

So what ever I do with them cannot be mission critical, and some got very hot to the touch, so nothing strenuous either…

So what do I do with them? Run an LED light(s), build a portable speaker (I like this one), a raspberry Pi battery power or something else?

What ever I end up doing, it’s going to be new to me and the whole process will be an opportunity to learn.


battery pack 18650

I DID IT! I quit Smoking :)

It’s been 35 years since I started puffing away on cancer sticks, and while I have quit a few times along the way, the longest I’d managed was 6 months. But this time it feels different. It’s like I’ve learned from my previous mistakes and I’m certain I won’t start again.

I do get the odd pang for a smoke, but they really are minor and 2 minutes later it’s gone.

  • Why did I do it?

Well obviously there are the health benefits, but that aside my desire to quit was more immediate, I’d finally developed a smokers cough. I’d noticed that I only coughed after a fag, and after a while it stopped. Then I’d light up again… and again I’d start coughing. Rinse and repeat.

I was worried that maybe it was cancer, and this played a big part too, but after a little experimenting I did narrow it down to just a smokers cough as outlined above. So now was the time to quit.

  • How did I do it?

I had some e-lite curv electronic cigarettes and I started using these exactly 7 weeks ago today. I tried tobacco flavour, but they were bland, so I jumped to menthol, and while they were tastier, they too were bland… but both are a lot better than smoking tobacco.

The first couple of days were tough no doubt about it, but looking back they were only tough because of fear. My fear and every smokers fear is living life without that little friend, without their crutch. That dependable little friend that is also used as a comforter. Once I realised that the e-cig was giving me enough nicotine I then started to relax, and even enjoy quitting. After a week though I was over-eating, and I’d started to replace one habbit with another. So I upped the nicotine with an Endura T18 vape kit and liquids. This helped a huge amount, it seems the e-cig just didn’t give me enough nicotine. Now I’m much happier and less anxious, and with a huge plethora of flavours to choose from instead of just two bland types.

Along the way I also had some lapses, in all I’d smoke 7 real cigs. Now I don’t look at it like a let down, I looked at it as a positive, you see by the time I had my first lapse my taste buds had woken up again and the first fag was utterly vomit enducingly digusting. Then a few days later I had two more, and again they horrible beyond belief. A week later I had a big lapse, for me there’s nothing better than a couple of beers (Innis and Gunn) and a few cigs. So I bought some baccy, some beer and smoked my head off while I drank one of the best beers in the world. Needless to say I didn’t enjoy the beer and after the cigs… I vomited. My body just wasn’t used to the poison any more. It was at that point that I decided to just put smoking behind me and get on with being a proper non smoker.

I haven’t looked back since, and that was 5 weeks ago.

So this was my process, it worked for me, but it might or might not work for you, we’re all different and have different reasons and methods of quitting… don’t give up on giving up. If you want it badly enough… you WILL manage it. Eventually I’ll also quit vaping, but I’m not ready for that just yet.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens to your body as you quit.

1ˢᵗ Ride of 2019 and Davinci Resolve

I haven’t bought Davinci Resolve, but I’m tempted. I’m also seriously tempted to buy the GoPro Fusion, it looks like one hell of a 360° camera. But both are expensive and in my hands… it’d be like using an canon to kill a fly.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to learn Davinci Resolve as much as possible before I consider buying either, there’s no point in psending money on tools I don’t know how to use, and the free version of resolve works well enough for my purposes.

But wait, there’s more. Last week (10 days ago) I quit smoking. For the most part it’s not been bad as I thought it would be, though I am using an E-Cig, Logic Curv is my weapon of choice, and so far yes, it’s worked. There have been some moments of weakness, my sister smokes and I’ve had a couple off her. The good news is that those two fags really made me want to throw up, tasted absolutely foul and made me cough for about an hour each.

Anywhoo, in this video I’ve done some colour correcting (the hero 6 is excellent but I always record the colour as flat), so yes I’m currently still learning about colour grading, I’ve also accidentally created a hyperlapse (I think) by trying to convert a video to timelapse.


EV’s and the future of Energy

I am and always will be open to counter arguments, but trolls will just have their replies deleted and their IP banned. But if you think of a question and I haven’t answered it, then please get in touch. I will always do my best to source material that informs and is accurate.
The ICE (internal combustion engine) cut-off date is 2040, 21 years away.
While it sounds and is a long way off, it gives car makers, home owners, vehicle owners, battery makers and inventors all get up to speed… pardon the pun.

Currently if everyone had an EV today then it’d be chaos, the charging and the entire electricity infrastructure isn’t ready, but in 21 years time it will be, and it had better be.

Some of the ways we are moving forward are energy storage, such as home storage batteries like the Tesla power wall and large scale like the Australian gigawatt storage.

Now storage is all well and good, but getting the power distribution right is also as important, Qualcomm are currently working on inductive charging while you drive.

But to be honest, this is probably only a short term issue, once battery technology improves, and it will, then this system will almost certainly become redundant, but still it’s an awesome idea, imagine if you will being stuck at traffic lights, but while you’re there you’re getting a free charge. It may not be much, it might only add a mile or two to the overall distance you can go, but a sequence of these could seriously stack up.

Plus of course there’s the lamppost chargers for those unable to charge at home because they don’t have a driveway.

Yet another way of charging and storing energy is pavegen, you can charge up just by walking around you town centre.

While the current feed-in tarrif is about to end and home electricity generation will no longer be profitable, it doesn’t mean owning photo voltaics is useless, it’s still cheaper than it was 5 years ago, generates more power and along with a power wall of some description will still benefit long term. So then add into the mix an electric car and you could charge it and run it even less than it costs today.

The future will only see more innovation and reduced costs to owning, charging and using an EV. Love them or hate them, EV’s are coming.

And of course if you’re the kind that likes to cycle instead of drive, but you’re getting on a bit… then there’s the option of an e-bike. With up to 60 miles range and a lot easier to ride, faster and possibly safer all round, (you’re not slowing down traffic and causing road rage). I have a Carrera Crossfire-E and it’s amazing. Even in a very hilly town like Halifax I can climb any hill without stopping. Not bad for a near 50 year old with 35 years of smoking congesting my lungs.