Typing Asisstant Test Windows 10

Window’s 10 now has a new typing assistant, it can help with predictive typing, spell checking and even translating from one language to another.

I’ve yet to successfully manage to convert French to English and back again, but apparently it does translate. So far though the predictive text does work.

How to get it up and running (you’ll need Windows 10 and the autumn update)

  1. click start button (bottom left windows icon)
  2. click the cog for settings
  3. at the top (search bar) type typing
  4. turn on all the settings you need.
  5. DONE!

Something I am not very good at is spelling and grammar, and I’m constantly having to stop, search and re-Read my articles as I go. This might well speed things up considerably. To be honest it’s working well and its free, so go ahead and enable it. I think it’s something I’ll definitely use quite a lot. So far in this post, it’s corrected me around 10 times. 🙂

Stranger Things Theme Remixes

I’ve had these on my desktop PC for a while so I thought I’d share them.





  • Tyler Whitfield Mashup


  • Machete Cut


  • C418 Season 2


  • Stranger Things Remix


  • The Kids Remix


  • Fall of ’84


  • Main Theme – Extended