Save Wizard MAX PS4 Review

Save Wizard MAX PS4 Review

After several comments yesterday telling me I had my original review wrong, here I am trying to put right that wrong.

I was initially reviewing (AVOID unless you you only have access to US games on PSN). For me, it promised much and delivered nothing. And yesterday I was issued a refund at last.

Absolutely avoid: nothing good will come of it.

At least I could now buy and try Save Wizard MAX for the PS4, this promised a lot, being able to cheat by hacking save games is no mean feat, once you edit a save game the data changes and there’s something like a fingerprint system that checks to ensure you don’t cheat. Edit the data and this fingerprint changes too, and the game will not load.

Save Wizard MAX is able to over come this limitation, how I’m not sure… maybe it’s voodoo, maybe it’s Gandalf the Gray. Who knows? I heard a rumor years ago that it’s something to do with cross save with the PS Vita, and seeing as the Vita was hacked, so was the signing of save games.

Either way it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that this is just like the old school cheat disks/cartridges that used to popular with the likes of SNES, Megadrive, PS1 and PS2. You can manually edit codes to achieve a cheat (tricky but doable), or you can just browse and download one already made. They currently have 655 games in their database and a total of 46,748 cheats for those games. Not too shabby eh?

Checkout this screenshot from The Last of Us Remastered I took today:

YES I have nearly 10,000 of everything!

Granted it only works from a save game, so there’s a little to and fro copying to a USB drive, use the editor on the PC, copy it back… but if you can’t wait 2-3 minutes for the whole process, then there’s no helping you no matter what.


So a big thank you to Kitsune and ss4gogeta069 for putting me right… eventually. SS4gogeta069, had you been polite and informative right off the bat then there wouldn’t be a need to fall out. I’m man enough to know when I am wrong, and even admit to it, calling me a tool got you nowhere. That said, I’m sorry if I came over as a bit of a dick yesterday, I initially thought you were being antagonistic, while in reality you were trying to put me right.

Are we all friends again? Hope so – Fist Bump… Don’t leave me hanging 🙂

So yes, this one works with every region except Japan, and it works very well too. I’d highly recommend this if you need a little help like I did. TLOU is bloody hard and this made it much easier to get the Survivor+ trophies.

AND DON'T DO LIKE I DID and get domains confused. You need

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5 thoughts on “Save Wizard MAX PS4 Review

  1. We’re good. To be honest most people wouldn’t have even approved my comment much less been man enough to follow up with Kitsune and see what was actually going on. Mad props. I apologize for being a bit antagonistic toward you. Was having a rough day, Kitsune can confirm, and you got a bit of it. Anyway, glad to see you’re enjoying the program and hope you enjoy it for a long time. We certainly do.

    • Well we all have bad days, shit happens… so no problem at all, I completely understand.

      Yeah I originally purchased the PS3 version years ago, and as soon as I started using the MAX it all felt very familiar. I’m sure it’ll be used for quite some time to come.

      I’ll add more screenshots in time, as and when I use it.

  2. This is Fox-approved (if you do not get what I mean you just have to know what my name is)!

    Although I am disappointed to know that you went through some BS and difficulties on your first attempt, I am stoked you decided to take another look at what I consider the better the product.

    Enjoy the hacking, and watch out for those Stalkers, while they are easy to kill it feels nigh impossible to see them coming, and if you get swarmed it is g’night Joel. Bloaters are easy enough to take out with the Bow (MOST OVERPOWERED PIECE OF GEAR EVER!!!!).

    • No worries Kitsune, it was initially all my own fault for confusing the domains and the earlier purchase of the crappy Xploder.

      I’ve now completed TLOU on survivor+ thanks to SW Max. 🙂 All I have to do now is find ALL the conversations and all the collectibles. But that I’ll do on easy 🙂
      Take care guys, and thanks again for putting me right.

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