Save Wizard for PS4 Review

Not to be confused with Save Wizard MAX (<— This one actually works.) for the PS4

Caveat Emptor.

I recently purchased the PS4 Save Wizard, I just wanted a little help with The Last of Us getting the platinum trophy. So I downloaded, installed, and purchased the Save Wizard in good faith that it’ll work.

It wont, it only works with US games and refuses to do anything with any other region.

So I tried to contact them via their website contact form several times, every time you submit a form it just refreshes the page, so I filed a dispute with Paypal, and left it for 72 hours… no response, I escalated the dispute and found my key for the save wizard was cancelled and they still failed to respond to paypal. However in 1 week I will be issued an automatic refund.

It’s still pisses me off that I now have no refund and software that doesn’t work as advertised.

Caveat Emptor – Buyer beware.

It’s a shame too, the PS3 version has a work around that the PS4 version doesn’t have.

So my advice is to stay clear of it. if you have anything other than a US PSN account and games, and avoid too. The Xploder uses user generated save games.  makes use of actual cheats. These work on all regions EXCEPT Japan.


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12 thoughts on “Save Wizard for PS4 Review

  1. Well, as the others above said there are two distributors for Save Wizard. There is the original, which is called Save Wizard for PS4 MAX on That is the version that gas everything included, all 3 profiles, supports all the regions outside of Japan.

    The other one is just a normal Save Wizard for PS4. That is run by Hyperkin and they only do US side.

    I am not sure what you mean by another Save Wizard that plays games professionally. Perhaps Xploder? If so then that program does not work anyways.

    There is also Cyber Gadget Save Editor which is the Japanese version, that supports JP, and they have dabbled in some of the other regions, but even then their codes are not as good as SW MAX.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and you have yours. I would suggest perhaps you try the MAX version on and maybe consider rewriting your review.

    • I have tried it, and it did work, however as I stated in the review (though I added and addendum) it was created by someone who played the game and it wasn’t a 100% complete save, and didn’t further my progress in The Last of Us. Since it was as described I didn’t apply for a refund.
      What does concern me, is that within 2 days of me posting the review I have 3 commenters trying to force my view to change.

      If you want me to change my review… you’re pissing against the wind, if you want to change my mind then use logic and reasoning. And YES I am also talking about Hyperkin Save Wizard in my review.

  2. Clarification: is the first utility I used, this is the site that has save games created by a team of gamers. is a similar site to the original review, but this one works with only the US region games. Purchased and now refunded. is the utility I have yet to try. This one promises exceptional saves, with maxed out weapons, ammo and statistics for all supported games. it’s supposed to work with all regions except Japan.

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