ACER ET430 Monitor Review

Update ** See the bottom of my review to find out why I would advise you to avoid this monitor. **


I had to wait a while for this to come back into stock at, I’d had my eye on it for a while, it’s just a little outside my budget of £500, but the delay gave me an extra few weeks to save the extra £50.00

Now I’ve finally got it, I have to say I’m impressed, its 4K and supports 10bit HDR, 43 inches corner to diagonal corner, it supports HDMI 2.0 and Display Port normal and mini.

Initially I could not get my PS4 Pro to display in anything other than 1080P, after some time messing around with safe mode and nothing working, I started to unplug the PSVR and Elgato HD 60, and there lay the problem, the ELGATO HD 60 will only pass-through 1080P, so I stripped out the HD 60 and left the PSVR connected and boom! Everything worked fine, 2160P full RGB and HDR 🙂

I fired up The Last Of Us remaster and it’s utterly stunning, the resolution upscale and the HDR inclusion just made it look stunning. But I also noticed another thing, if you play TLOU for any amount of time, your team GLOW when they walk out of sight, this means you can see where your team is. On my previous monitor, an LG ultrawide monitor, there was some ghosting from the glow, not on this bad boy though. I will miss the ultrawide, they’re awesome for PC gaming and movies. Movies don’t have the black bars and the extra width give you an edge in almost any game that supports 2560 x 1080, which is most modern games.

Did I have to get a 4K panel? Not really, it doesn’t complete me, but having a 4K capable Mac, PC and PS4 Pro and not having a 4K screen… it’s a waste, it’s like employing a cleaner to do the dirty work, but in another life they were a world renowned network admin. But that’s what this panel does, it restores the balance, and seeing what 4K HDR looks like… it’s like going from VHS to 1080P.


  • Response 5ms
  • 2 x HDMI 2.0
  • 2 x display port
  • 1 x mini display port
  • 43 Inches
  • 4K and 10bit HDR
  • Contrast: 100,000,000:1
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m²
  • Screen type: IPS

There is a minor downside though, who ever thought that having the ports underneath the back of the screen is a numpty. Getting access to them has meant taking the panel down, connecting/disconnecting and putting it back. It’s all a bit of a farce. Still, once you’ve finished you should be good for quite some time. My advice is to plug-in all the cables if you can, even if you don’t use them… leave them plugged in to make life easier later in case you do need them.

Overall I’m seriously impressed, it’s a beautiful screen, 4K looks amazing, HDR also looks nothing short of stunning, and considering there’s no TV tuner, no catch-up TV or anything like that, you can see why this monitor is probably a better purchase than a TV of the same price. You’ll get more bang and less stuff you don’t need.

AWESOME Screen, if you’re in the market for a monitor. It even sounds OK too. Not as good as dedicated speakers… but seriously, not too bad either.

Nice one Acer.


** UDATE **

I’ve returned the monitor to Curry’s for a refund. Why?

After some 9 months of usage and the LED’s on the right side started to flicker, actually it had been doing so for around 6 weeks, but it was so subtle and rare I wasn’t quite sure I’d seen it. But as these things do, it got worse and noticeable, and much more pronounced.

I did sent it away to Acer for repair, they picked it up on Tuesday and returned it to me on  Friday 10 days later.

They’d replaced the flickering LED’s alright, but now the LED’s on the right were brighter than the left, and after only a few days… they started to flicker again. The deterioration this time was much much faster, they went from “wait did it just flicker?” to 3 days later, the monitor became unusable again.

Not only that but there was a shadow down the center, almost as if the LED’s had a 4 inch gap in the center and the light didn’t quite reach that part of the screen.

So instead of fixing it, they actually made things worse… much worse.

Hence the refund.

So I’ve gone from a glowing review to a negative review, and all because the repair process failed. You can have the best equipment on the market, and you’re bound to get some failures, it happens. But if you can’t successfully repair the unit, then all the great reviews in the world won’t help when people see unit failures and repair failures turn into negatives. Just like this one.


AVOID this monitor at all costs.

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14 thoughts on “ACER ET430 Monitor Review

  1. I’m now genuinely surprised at the performance of the 1070, I expected the card to do ok at 4K, but the reality is that it’s almost hitting 60FPS in all the games I’ve played so far.

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  3. It’s been a couple of weeks now, VLC 3.0 landed a few days ago and 4K HDR is finally possible and it is just amazing. HDR makes more of a difference then 4K and 4K looks good on it’s own.

    However I have noticed image retention, it’s not burn-in, it’s just an underlying shadow of a previous image, nothing too much, but going from one tab to another in firefox and it’s sometimes really obvious, sometimes not too much, and occasionally not at all. But it’s still there.
    Be warned it takes a little time to clear.

  4. Would it be possible for you to post a video of the image retention phenomenon, as this is the only things stopping me from going ahead with a purchase?

    The second of my dual monitor 1920*1040 monitor is showing signs of dying (it is about ten years old, though, to be fair) so my long postponed change to a single large monitor looks like it needs to happen. Other models are considerably more expensive and/or have problems of their own and, the more I look at it, the Acer seems like the one to go for.


    • The image retention is so subtle it can be completely overlooked once you get used to it, it also does fade after a few seconds.

      What will be the primary use of your monitor, is it gaming, internet, youtube, facebook? I ask because it’s more noticable with sites like facebook, but a constantly changing image such as youtube is barely noticeable.

      Overall its a brilliant monitor and 4K HDR looks nothing short of breathtaking.

      • Almost exclusively software development and use of desktop apps, so I guess I fall into the ‘facebook’ category, that you mention, above.
        A video would be good, though, if you can spare the time.

        • I keep trying to record the ghosting, but partly because of the bright sunshine and mostly because it’s so vague it’s hard to capture.
          Sorry I can’t be of anymore use Robert. I’ve tried 🙁

          • Thanks for the effort – can’t see the effect that you’ve described, in your video – even playing it back at 4k, on the brand new shiny ET430K that is now sat on my desk (just arrived today)
            After my post, on the 16th, I just decided that I’d have to bite the bullet – the only thing I can say is “Wow – pass me a choc-ice!”

            Seen no sign of any ghosting, so far, and am more than happy with my purchase.

            Now for some serious mutil-window debugging 😉


          • I’m glad you like it, 4K is one hell of a step up 🙂
            I can only assume Acer tweaked the panel and you have a better one without the retention, making a great display even better.

            I don’t know if you’re into movies but if you get the chance take a look at Interstellar in HDR 4K… it’s nothing short of stunning.

  5. Well, I’ve just seen the image retention – seems to be when suddenly switching to a medium darkness background, from a brighter one.
    It’s isn’t too noticeable, and does fade, so I think that I’ll be able to live with it.
    Will experiment with brightness and colour temperature, as this is a bit bright for my liking, anyway.

    All good stuff.

  6. Update:Not the main reason for me buying it, but watching the MTB World XCO championships, on Red Bull TV is pretty awesome, with this monitor (Even if it isn’t in 4K)

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