The dreaded crossfire-e power cut – FIXED!

I’ve held off updating the blog with the fix for the power cut-out on the Carrera Crossfire-E, I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t just fooling myself and to make sure it stays fixed. 300 miles later and I’ve had zero cut outs.  

Way way back in April 2016 when I got this bike and experienced my first power cut I noticed that a zip-tie was around the cable and the frame. But just before going on my holiday to Fort William I gave my baby a damn good clean and service. During the service I removed the rear wheel and chain for a really deep clean, then reattached everything and put on a new zip-tie, a green one.

I never thought twice about it, I didn’t even consider where to put it, I just assumed the loop was there for the zip-tie and that was that, until I was well over a hundred miles and I thought “hmm, that’s strange, I’ve had no power cuts.”

So since then I’ve managed another 200 miles and still no power cut, not one… Of course now I’ve said that I’ll probably have no end of them.

I will investigate this further next summer, I’ll cut the green tie and replace it back in the original position. But for now I think the green zip-tie is pushing the barrels together and that’s stopped the power cut.

So give it a try and let me know how you get on. 


Edit: Rumour has it that the 2017 model has dodgy connections on the LCD display, this can be a cause of power-cuts too, mine is a 2016 model and has a different LCD.

Fix the power cut once and for all

connector barrel

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29 thoughts on “The dreaded crossfire-e power cut – FIXED!

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  2. I’m watching this Power Cutout test you have posted – im tempted to buy this bike (for my main 20mile -40 mile return- commute) but holding back for this one remaining issue.

  3. I had a chat in Halfords today about the cut outs – the guy was quite open about it and said yes it was a problem, but he had heard that on the production line there was some process (he did explain but I cant remember exactly what he said) relating to the connections where too much “grease” was being applied and they had identified the issue and this had been changed. This year he has had 2 Bikes back compared to more then this last year. Cleaning the contacts with a ethanol or contact cleaner did seem to resolve many of the issues.

    • Hey Darren, give it a shot and get back to me please.

      I admit I’ve had 2 cut-outs since and one of them was due to the zip tie coming off, so, so far I’ve done around 500 miles and only 2 cut-outs… not too shabby eh πŸ™‚

      • Yes that’s great mate I done it today I can understand the logic in it when I pulled the Velcro off this morning I could see that the connector had separated by a mill or so I really think that is the cut out issue I knew it would be something simple

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  6. Last April my wife and I bought two e bikes. My wife’s a Crossfire ladies’ bike where mine was a more butch looking Vulcan, Her bike cut out about 35 miles but was then ok for another 250miles. but then it did it again and again. Mine was ok. Halfords were at a loss and replaced her bike. Great service. Last Saturday morning, after over 600miles, shock horror. Mine cut out as I started filming my Tandle Hill park video on YouTube. I started filming again. On Monday morning, my wifes replacement bike cut out after only 56miles!… I will check the zip ties and let you know, Cheers.

    • Hey Derek, sorry about the cut outs, I hope my zip tie fix works for you, but if you have the newer (miles per hour instead of KMH) model then the pins behind the LCD can wear a little and might need to be pushed up ever so gently to make better contact.
      Let me know how you get on, and please post a link to your video, I love to see other riders enjoying their bikes!

      To be honest I’ve had nothing but great service from Halfords, they even swapped my older KMH LCD to MPH for FREE!
      The Bionic Cyclist

      • On the 2017 onwards model which I have just bought I discovered by chance that if you press and hold the i button, it switches from KHM to MPH πŸ™‚

  7. My bike was stolen I’ve since got it back but it’s been badly used and it’s computer is broke where can I get a new one .The bike is 2 yesrs old

    • Hi Ray, that sucks. But at least you did get it back πŸ™‚
      I think the only place to get a new LCD (I assume you mean LCD/trip computer) is Halfords, I tried to buy a new one from SRSuntour and they sent me to Halfords, so even the manufacturer doesn’t sell to the public.
      If it’s within the 2 year warranty then they might just get you a new one for free.

      Get a new bike lock while you’re there, and remember to use it.
      Good luck and please let me know how you get on.

  8. After assurances from Halfords that the Crossfire’s cut out issue had been resolved on the Vulcan E I bought the latter in late March 2017. It cut out 3 times on the first 3 rides and was returned to Halfords and replaced in early April 2017 ( re: my review on Halfords website 30 March 2017 suggested the fault probably lay with the lose LCD base which which allowed the screen to jiggle about when riding).

    I have kept a log of all rides since April 2017 and any problems experienced. To date 160 rides and 1400 miles resulted in 17 cutouts (not including multiple cutouts during the same ride) plus 2 power losses showing an E21 error display The E21 resulted from torque sensor issues and two replacements torque sensors and cranks were fitted few months apart. I have kept Halfords informed of all issues as they have arisen.
    Halfords store staff and Customer Services have proved to be excellent at helping me to try and resolve the Vulcan’s issues and have replaced parts as required. The latest cutouts a few weeks ago resulted in the bike being returned to Moor & Large ( the supplier in Derby) for diagnostic tests and a replacement rear wheel + motor received at Halfords yesterday.
    I tested the Vulcan today and all seems fine so far except that Moore & Large had fitted the tyre on the wrong way round ( the tyre has direction arrows marked).
    Halfords fitted ties through the loops either side of the hub/battery connectors but not the leads. Additionally I have wrapped a narrow length of an old inner tube around these connectors at their ‘join’ and used rubber adhesive to hold in place. The connector join is now very snug and secure.

    The Vulcan E, imo, is a good budget priced e-bike and should reward its owner with a decent durable life if treated accordingly. It is only a matter of time before these cut out issues are finally resolved by Halfords with relevant feed back from their customers.

    I will now continue to test ride the bike over a reasonable period time and see what transpires!

    • I can’t help but think that some people have just been unlucky, it sounds like you might be one of them.

      I understand that budget ebikes will suffer from various problems, but everyone has mentioned powercuts at some time or other.

      I’m not sure how competent you are at bike repairs but it might be worth checking every component in the electrical system. Even the battery contacts.

      I’ve read and heard that the new MPH LCD might even be a part of the problem, mine is fine, the only problem I had is the one mentioned above.

      Please keep me informed MTBiker and let me know if you eventually fix the problem.

  9. I have the ladies version of the bike which I bought a few months ago and I have had a few cut-outs, I’m relieved to know that it’s a common problem, not just my bike.

    I’ve restarted the bike each time by switching on the power switch on the battery and then the “On” switch on the lcd display – this has worked most times. The one time it didn’t work I removed the lcd display and then put it back which resolved the problem – I thought it was a bit like the old “turn it off and on again” which often works for electronic items. I was going uphill the last time that the bike cut out and my goodness, you quickly realise the assistance you’ve been getting!

    As a 50+ unfit woman who hadn’t cycled in about 20 years I’m really enjoying the bike. I do a 7 mile commute three times a week and after two months I am noticing a difference in the amount of assistance which I need. There’s no way I would be cycling 14 miles a day without the engine assist so I find that it’s a super way to get fitter without adding further damage to my knees (skiing and motorbike accidents – don’t ask).

    I think that it was your review on another website (did you do a guest review on an electric bike website?) which convinced me to give the bike a go and I’m very grateful that I did. I look forward to my regular spins and miss them if the weather is really rotten – must get some good wet weather gear! So well done to you! You’re not just improving your own health but also the health of a few others πŸ™‚

    • Hi Miriam, I’m glad you’re liking the bike and I’m sorry to hear about the power-cuts, they are a nuisance when they occur. Your particular problem maybe the contacts on the LCD, you could try sliding a pin underneath them and pulling them up a millimeter or two. Also certainly try the cable-tie like I did.

      These seem to be the most common causes or power-cuts.

      The gentle but persistant excercise is definitely a good way to get out and get active, especially for us in middle age (I’m not there yet but not far off). A few days ago I got a comment from a guy who’s 86 and loves this bike and wanted to thank me for nudging him in this direction… I love this kind of feedback, it shows that I am in a small way helping people out.

      I have not reviewed anything for anyone else, so I’m not sure where you saw the review, could you provide a link please, if nothing else it points people to other positive reviews. Something I’ve considered doing is adding a page/post where others can share their videos and comments, reinforcing my belief in this bike.

      Take care and thank you for the very positive feedback. I hope you can solve your power-cut soon.

  10. We bought 2 Crossfire E bikes at the beginning of August. At the time, I hadn’t seen any postings about cut outs so after a test ride, my wife and I decided they would be good for our camper van trips out so we placed an order.
    They arrived in our local store a few days later and together with a few accessories (which were badly installed by Halfords including a rack where they cross threaded a couple of bolts an even sheered the head off of one!). I had since found the Blogs including yours and was a bit concerned. We went to pick them up and I mentioned the cut outs to the Guy a he said he’d never heard of it! He said it may have been an issue that has now been resolved so I took him at his word and off we went.
    Three weeks on and they have cut out on EVERY trip out! The tie wraps are in place through the hoops and I’ve bent the pins up slightly on the controller base, cleaned with contact cleaner, tie wrapped the controller to the base and they both still cut out! By pressing the battery button for a few seconds and then turning on the controller, it always comes back on again….Until the next trip.
    I suspect that the fault is not physical but is a firmware issue in the Battery Management System (BMS).
    The new Crossfuse models have a whole new motor (Bosch) and controller setup and I wouldn’t mind betting has different firmware.
    Unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t seen a posting of this problem occurring on the Crossfuse.

    Given that Halfords can’t even get a bolt in straight, I’m reluctant to go back to them and in my heart I really don’t think there is a fix so conclude it’s something we have to put up with πŸ™‚

    I can live with it for now but my novice wife is concerned as her first cut out was halfway up a very steep hill and she nearly came a cropper! I’m thinking of changing hers out at least for something more reliable.

  11. I have been riding my e crossfire since the middle of July and great fun it is too. one problem i would like to resolve is to find out if it is possible to change the front chain ring as at most I am at most only using the bottom three sprockets on the rear wheel.i asked in halfords and they said no as it would make the bike go above the speed limit. i too suffer power cut outs and without power the bike is a beast to ride. I ran out of battery three miles from home yesterday and it was like i was dragging an achor behind me.. rane isa bit limited at just umder 40 miles.

    • The other common problem on these bikes is a dirty pedal sensor. It’s optical, so any dirt in it prevents it from working. It’s fixed to the back of the chainring. Removeit and clean out the slots where the sensors are.

      Also, I’ve had to repair a couple wherthe chain came off and damaged the pedal sensor’s wire. One was physically cut and the other had the wires pulled out of the sensor.

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