Crossfire-E Will it go 45 Miles with one charge?

Last week I had my first ever holiday on my own and my first holiday in nearly 3 years, my first day off, my first lie in and my first holiday with my E-Bike. Before I set off I planned a trip around Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil with Google Maps.

The maximum assist I used was 25%

Just in case the map doesn’t work properly, here’s a link to the proper route.

The total distance I rode was just a little over google’s estimate as I detoured around Inverlochy looking for a bike shop that sells waterproof pants and gloves. Thanks to Nevis Cycles for the gear and for taking my hard earned cash off me (with a small discount too ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I set off with the intention of just riding down to the Corran ferry and retracing my route back, but the weather was glorious, I had my snacks with me, plenty to drink and almost zero traffic, so what the hell right!

To be honest, there are only few minor hills on this route, the highest climb I think was around 30 meters, so not too tough at all. Most of the riding is smooth and flat… Nirvana ๐Ÿ™‚

I also brought with me a new gadget… Zhiyun Smooth Q, it’s a gimbal for use with smart phones and apart from me swapping hands the video is silky smooth and wobble free. It’s also a short video, my phone battery wouldn’t last for the 3 hour duration and nor would the storage, the 45 minute video used 14GB of space though it is shot at 4K.

The bike battery did technically last the full ride, dropping down to 2% at the end, I was impressed, it’s now an 18 month old battery and it’s done 1,500 miles in Yorkshire and all it’s hills. What I didn’t know however, the last 5% seriously reduces the power output to short pulses to conserve the remaining energy and get you home. But by the time I get to the shore opposite Linnhe Lochside Holidays I was knackered, and riding the bike one handed and filming meant I asked more of the battery too, and that showed signs that it couldn’t get me back on full power, I’d have a fair bit of work to do with little assistance. But I didn’t know that just yet. One other thing of note… the weather at this point changed and it utterly pissed it down the rest of the way… but at least I had my new waterproofs ๐Ÿ™‚

I was now miserable, knackered, cold, and I still had around 15 miles to go. Of course I made it back I had no choice, and this isn’t a ghost writing this blog post, though I’ve warmed up since then ๐Ÿ™‚

Like I said, this isn’t the full video, the battery and storage wouldn’t last for a 3 hour ride, but I am surprised I did it in 3 hours when Google Maps recons on a 4 hour ride. So Yay for me ๐Ÿ™‚

So can it do the 60 miles Halfords advertise? Like I said in my initial review, Yes it can, with a flat ride, and a fit and competent rider it could. Had I not been recording I think it would have made all the difference, also had I stopped for more than a minute to munch a banana and a packet of crisps and had a 10-20 minute rest, I think I could have made it back sooner and with more power left in the battery. But I was left with enough anxiety after the ride that I didn’t attempt it again that week.

Anyway, enjoy the video, the Highlands are gorgeous, even when it rains.


Other rides I did that week:

Caledonian Canal Brike Ride.


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8 thoughts on “Crossfire-E Will it go 45 Miles with one charge?

  1. Hi

    Nice video much smoother than the others. – just watched the “25 mile e bike ride in yorkshire” – it would be really good if you can show the computer for speed and distance – just makes it a little bit more relevant and interesting.

    is there any chance you know the following ? – – i need to change the wheel \ tyre size on the computer to show an accurate speed etc. as i plan to change the default wheel\tyre size, but can not find the setting.


    • I think the wheel size can be changed (like I said 2017 models only) by pressing the UP button and Light on/off button to open up a menu with four choices – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and that’s it. I’m not sure if it’s what you are looking for but, give it a try.

  2. Thanks for the update – I got my bike the other day – its quite good do you have an email address for me to send a few screen shots of the journey with a few stats for other to use and view -for your webpage ?

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  6. I have had my Crossfire for 2 years now. It’s a great bike for the money though with my first battery which Halfords replaced, I was having multiple cutouts, some on one ride. As far as range is concerned, I live in South Devon. The hills are horrendous on the back roads, 1 in 5-7. The bike copes with these on full power or even less on the 1 in 7s.. I have done some runs from home to Torcross in the south Hams, 20 kilometres, just to try to calculate battery life (full charge at start). There are two huge hills to be surmounted, sea level to 300+ feet at an average of 1 in 6. These can be done, just, in City mode and I am 69 but fitter than most for my age. Weight is a determinant and I am under 10st 5lbs, so this calculation won’t be good for everyone. In those 20 k, I used 21% battery by being in eco mode for the most part and not pushing too hard. For the last few k downhill and flattish, the bike was switched off. However, this is not at all a balancer for the drainage taken out by the hills. Taking away one % to give a rough figure, this makes 100k on one battery charge which is 62.5 miles to flat battery. I think this beats the Halfords projected mileage of 60 and is more akin to the 71 London-Southampton flattish ride that I have seen spoken about. The hills alone will drain at times between 8-10% of the battery, so my 100k projection is a lowish figure if you are riding broadly on flat roads. To corroborate this, I also cycled 16 miles from Torquay to Dartmouth. This is hilly in relation to most places in the country and from time to time sport mode was employed. Result :25% reduction in battery life, which gives 64 miles for a full battery. The range anxiety can be overcome by not pushing it and using eco mode wherever possible. Obviously that means a reduction in speed but more mileage. If you get into a mindset that tells you to go at the speed of a non e-bike then great distances are achievable. One caveat is that under 10% of charge, the bike will not go up big hills.

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