My Cycling Accessories

I have a multitude of extras on my bike, lights, camera’s, gel seats and more, so here is a complete list of all my accessories that I couldn’t live without.

  1. Gel seat cover – Ebay
  2. suspension seat post (must be 31.6mm)- Amazon
  3. Lezyne Superdrive front light – Halfords my review here.
  4. Cateye Rapid rear light – Halfords
  5. Water bottle – Halfords The cage I got from Asda but it’s not listed on, it’s a velkro tied cage and it fits on the top strut on the frame, no bottle cases boss’s needed.
  6. Ion Air pro – Wireless Camera originally bought from currys, found on Amazon
  7. Rear Camera – Gopro Hero 1 From Halfords, now found on amazon
  8. Front and Rear Mudguards – Bought from asda and not available on

Carrera Crossfire-E Electric bike – Power Cut

Now fixed:

It seems that despite Halfords and SRSuntour’s best efforts owners are still suffering power cuts from this otherwise excellent bike. I have a fix for this, sadly it’s not permanent but it will reduce the cut out to a minor inconvenience.

On the rear of the bike (left hand side, by the rear wheel) there is a neoprene patch held in place with velcro, remove this patch to show a large barrel connector, this is the power supply to the motor on the rear wheel, disconnect and reconnect the barrel and reattach the neoprene. All done it takes less than a minute.

That’s it, it really is that simple, I do this and I’m good for another 50-75 miles before I get another power cut. Or you could do this before you set off and hopefully prevent a power cut.

Let me know if this works for you or if it’s still frustrating you, or if you’ve cured the problem completely let us all know how you did it.

Carrera Crossfire-E 2,000 miles later

One person (there are many more) who looked at my reviews bought the Crossfire-E and he rides it a hell of a lot more than I do, that person is Drewpyfz6, he’s just made a video of a commute and he’s achieved over 2,000 miles in 6 months. Not too shabby m8e 🙂

My last ride (yesterday) was 15 miles in 60 minutes (an average of exactly 15mph of course), and I loved it, and I’d only used 45% of the battery, so I’m getting a bit fitter, faster (my previous average was 13mph) and thanks to the new additions to my bike, comfier too.

I’ll get a video up of all my gadgets and toys for my bike pretty soon, but for now here’s Drewpyfz6 on a commute on his 2,000+ mile bike.