Awesome Wifi SSID’s

To be honest the World needs Awesome Wifi SSID’s and here’s a collection of the best SSID’s you’ll ever see.





It hertz WAN IP and variation of it, 8 hertz WAN IP
Tell my WiFi love her
Bathroom Cam #3
Pretty fly for a WiFi


It’s a shame ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ doesn’t work as ascii is forbidden


  1. Virus Detected! Do Not Join
  2. I’m Under Your Bed.
  3. WamBamThankYouLan
  4. FBI Surveillance Van #119871.
  5. DEA Surveillance #4188A87.
  6. I’m In Your Closet.
  7. I’m Watching You Now.
  8. Skynet Global Defense Network.
  9. TheseAreNotTheDroidsYourLookingFor
  10. Router? I Hardly Knew Her
  11. Occam’s Router
  12. The Promised LAN
  13. Benjamin FrankLAN
  14. Martin Router King
  15. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  16. No More Mister Wi-Fi
  17. LAN Solo
  18. Winternet Is Coming
  19. The LAN Down Under
  20. Wu Tang LAN
  21. Titanic Syncing
  22. (.)(.)
  23. 128 KBPS WiFi
  24. Protected CeX
  25. Unprotected Cex
  26. TellMyWifiLoveHer
  27. Silence of the LAN
  28. LAN of Milk & Honey
  29. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  30. Drop it like its hotspot
  31. The LAN that time forgot
  32. We can hear you having sex
  33. All Your Bandwidth are Belong to Us
  34. Don’tYouWishYourWifiWasHotLikeMine

I switch between these every now and again.