A ride around Wainstalls

I went out for a ride yesterday, it was such a gorgeous spring morning I just had to. In all I rode 25 miles, a trip to the farm shop in the morning, and this spectacular ride to the local wind farm and a night time blast around the local reservoir.

sadly the wind farm is still closed to the public, they’ve just upgraded the turbine and I think they’re still being tested, they’ll open it up soon enough ??

This ride through Wainstalls was gorgeous though and if the weather holds I’ll be back again then over to Jerusalem farm, drop down into Todmorden, then back home.

I had no choice but to take a photo or two ?

Enjoy the ride, I know I did.

Lezyne Super Drive XL Bike Light Review

I’ve had this bike light for a couple of years now and I paid £120 for it, though it’s dropped in price in that time, it’s still packs an impressive wallop.

It has 4 modes, Full power, normal power, half power and half power flashing, during the day I’d use half power flashing if the conditions warrant it, but it’s night time when this you need it the most… Beast Mode activated!

At normal power it’s amazing, but at full it’s even better, I bombed around my local reservoir for  this review, and it’s like daylight. I can see everything and people can see me coming, always a good thing.

It was very expensive to be honest, I probably over paid too, but you can now pick up one of these for around £70 on google

I’m not sure if you get the spare battery like I did, but it’s an 18650 and they’re easy to get hold of, just be wary of ebay sellers selling cheap Chinese and fake 10,000 mah, best stick to the 2,500mah batteries you can buy at retail.


Lezyne Super Drive XL bike light instructions

Time to Quit


Fight Club Cinemagraph

I’ve woken up during the past couple of night with leg cramps, I know it’s not from a lack of salt in my diet, I honestly think it’s a matter of oxygen or lack of.

I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that my lungs are getting much more congested than normal, and early morning I’ll start to cough hard. I’m off to Keelham farmshop soon for some dinner and I’m already dreading it. So it might now be the time to quit, ready or not I’m going to give it a damn good go.

I have e-cigarettes at the ready, and while they’ll help I know I’ll still need will-power aplenty. Here I go. Wish me luck.



Lithium Ion Battery Care

Batteries aren’t watt they used to be 🙂 See what I did there…? I’ll get my coat.

They used to be weak in comparison to today’s standards, they leaked worse than sewage into the Thames, they’d be flat in 10 minutes on today’s modern appliances and they were dangerous to just throw in the bin.

If you see bins for batteries anywhere, then that’s where you need to dump them, and they then get recycled! Far safer than landfill.

First off Ni-cad (Nickel Cadmium) had a “memory”, if you discharged them to say 50% enough times then the battery would think 50% is the full capacity. Do you remember getting a warning that the battery in your laptop of phone was empty, but it’d still run for hours right? That’s the Ni-Cad memory at work.

Li-Ion and Li-po are different to any battery you’ve ever had before, they don’t have a memory, they can be charged hundreds of times before you see any loss in capacity, and most importantly they are much more energy dense than ever… and they’re only ever getting better.

But you do still need to consider battery care, and occasionally you need to discharge them fully. Storage is also a factor if you’re not going to use them constantly. Today’s lithium battery killer is heat, (it used to be you could revive old batteries with a little heat), today’s batteries are effectively killed with heat. So keep them cool, especially when storing them.

So how to really care for your battery.

  • Only charge to 100% if you’re really sure you need 100%
  • Try not to charge more than 80% and never let the charge drop below 20%
  • After 30 charges, try to discharge the battery as low as you dare, and never never let it drop below 5%
  • Once a battery drops below 2.2v it’s dead, it can be resurrected with boost charges, but these can be dangerous if the battery internally suffered serious damage. Nominal charge for an 18650 is 4.2v
  • If you aren’t using the battery for a while drop the charge to 20% and store in a cool/cold place away from moisture.
  • Never charge to 100% and leave it on charge, let the charge dissipate slowly, you probably won’t notice a difference anyway.

The SRSuntour battery for the Carrera Crossfire-E should do up to 500 charges before you see any real degradation, but if you follow these simple tips, it should give optimum life beyond 500 charges.

Happy Cycling 🙂

Sources: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries

And: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/five-apps/five-tips-for-extending-lithium-ion-battery-life/


Install Nextcloud cloud server on a Raspberry Pi

Nextcloud is a personal cloud server, you’re not relying on Apple cloud or Google or Dropbox to hold and secure (laughable) your data. If you have a Raspberry Pi at home you can host your own cloud server. There are desktop apps for Windows and Macs and apps for almost ALL mobile operating systems too.

The most popular self-hosted file share and collaboration platform

I’ve gone for the personal route because I find the free cloud server really don’t offer enough storage space, and security is a joke for most of them. Plus with the SSL guide you can make sure your is as secure as possible.

For easy reference:


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install apache2


sudo apt-get install apache2 php7.0 php7.0-curl php7.0-gd php7.0-imap php7.0-json php7.0-mcrypt php7.0-mysql php7.0-opcache php7.0-xmlrpc libapache2-mod-php7.0


sudo service apache2 restart

Download link: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-14.0.0.zip


sudo wget https://download.nextcloud.com/server/releases/nextcloud-11.0.2.zip


sudo mv nextcloud-11.0.2.zip /var/www/html


cd /var/www/html


sudo unzip -q nextcloud-11.0.2.zip

Make a folder for the data!!!


sudo mkdir -p /var/www/html/nextcloud/data


sudo chown www-data:www-data /var/www/html/nextcloud/data


sudo chmod 750 /var/www/html/nextcloud/data

Next, set the correct ownerships on Nextcloud “config” and “apps” directories:


cd /var/www/html/nextcloud


sudo chown www-data:www-data config apps

Create a Login for Nextcloud

In a browser, surf to your new Owncloud web page. Use the URL:
http://your Pis IP address/nextcloud

For example, the address of my Pi is So I go the the URL:

Increase upload size from 2mb


sudo nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Change these two lines:
post_max_size = 8M
upload_max_filesize = 2M
post_max_size = 20M
upload_max_filesize = 20M


sudo service apache2 restart

Now setting up your own cloud isn’t good enough, you also need to secure all traffic and data, to encrypt the data on the drive use the plugin in the admin panel, for SSL use this tutorial.
Check domain and hostname

Code: Select all

domainname -b mysite.ddns.net

Code: Select all

sudo nano /etc/hostname

Make the domain name stick

Code: Select all

sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf